Name and email will not be listed on the website, but are required for contacting and verifying information submitted on this form.
The project description must be no longer than one sentence. Project descriptions should be written in the third person and make no financial or marketing claims. Users should be able to discern the type of project from the description alone. The description must be in English. Godwoken reserves the right to change the description to better fit the submission guidelines.
Contract addresses are strongly recommended. Community projects may use this information for whitelisting anti-phishing attacks.
Godwoken Blockchain is supported by Transparency and contract verification can increase the levels of trust between builders and users.
We encourage Defi projects to KYC with a third party such as AssureDefi, Certik, etc. If you have done so, please link to the KYC documents online.
I agree that the dApp or blockchain game is launched on Godwoken Game+ Blockchain testnet or mainnet. I have made no financial claims in my project description. I understand Godwoken Game+ Blockchain reserves the right to reject or remove any ecosystem listing without notification. Being listed on the ecosystem listing does not constitute a partnership, endorsement of projects, or financial advice. I agree that the information I am submitting is complete, truthful, and legal within my jurisdiction of residence.
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