Eric Vander Wal


Godwoken Joins Immunefi Bug Bounty Program

Godwoken is proud to announce its partnership with Immunefi, the premier bug bounty program for the blockchain industry. 

Beginning December 19th, 2022, after much preparation, Godwoken's bug bounty program has gone live on Immunefi. It joins other blockchains, such as Polygon, Optimism, and Algorand, in securing web3 projects against catastrophic exploits. 

Qualified individuals may participate in this program by finding vulnerabilities on Godwoken and submitting them to the Immunefi platform for rewards.

We are excited to work with Immunefi to ensure the security of our platform and reward community members for their efforts in finding and reporting vulnerabilities. As a leading provider of decentralized solutions, we take security seriously and are committed to building a robust and reliable blockchain. 
- Eric Vander Wal, CEO of Godwoken

Godwoken looks forward to ongoing collaboration with the community and Immunefi to enhance the security of our platform.

To submit a bug report, please visit