Eric Vander Wal


Press F To Pay Respects: Godwoken V0 Testnet Closed

Godwoken V0 testnet has now been closed and taken offline.

Godwoken V0 testnet has now been closed and taken offline. We pay respects to the duty it fulfilled and the beating it took during the earliest development days of Godwoken. We would like to give a special thanks to Jan Xie, the chief architect of the Nervos Foundation and founder of Cryptape, JJYR, the CTO & co-founder of Godwoken, Flouse, the CIO and co-founder of Godwoken, and the entire team behind it for pushing through the monumental achievement of creating the first EVM optimistic rollup outside of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Godwoken is a Layer 2 EVM network that is continuously being developed. Some of those improvements in the early days meant breaking changes and the need for a total network redeployment. This was the story for Godwoken as it was upgraded from version 0 to version 1. Interesting to note, using the number 0 to name the first version of Godwoken might have been counterintuitive but is common in development, as numbers start at zero, rather than one.

Together the Nervos Foundation along with Cryptape deployed version 0 testnet around September 2021, shortly before the Nervos Gitcoin hackathon. Version 1 testnet was subsequently deployed May 2022 with mainnet following July 2022.

We strongly discourage further use of version 0 networks for new projects.

We are thankful to all the developers and community who began their journey with us on version 0 of Godwoken, and we invite you to try out the newest version!

Detailed information about all available Godwoken networks and their versions can be found